Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The one cent thief that owns a Lamborghini

Aman Shah was a 24 years old bank executive on 1990 working as a specialist in Hock Hua Bank, Malaysia with an income of RM1800.00 at that time lived in a very luxurious life including 6 supercars that was affordable only by a millionaire.

His luck begin when he caught his fomer boss's attention that sent him to a computer courses where he learnt the skills to perform his operation. He then appointed to Head Of Department of SPEED processing (Electronik transfer system for fund and securities).

It was learnt that he perform his operation by transferring 1 cent every day from every account in Hock Hua Bank to a proxy account in another bank. His operation went successful with a sum of RM41 Million.

He is a supercar enthusiast, according to his friends, he was really fond to supercars since they were in High School. He then bought a total of 6 supercars including Lamborghini Countach,, Mercedes Benz 300L, Mercedes Benz 300E,  Porsche 928 S4, Porsche Carerra and BMW329I. He put all his cars in a supercar shows in June 1990. Sometime he took the most expensive Lambo for an evening ride.

His lucky omen fade away when he was interviewed by a local television for a daily morning TV show for his supercar  possessions. He was at that time resigned from his position in Hock Hua Bank proudly talking about his collections and the advantages of every one of them.

His ex-boss in Hock Hua bank also watched the TV show and raised suspicious on how his former employee with a RM1800.00 salary could afford to have a collection of supercars. He then rushed his auditor to perform an audit to all the transactions done or involving him. After satisfied with the proofs he got, he then lodged a police report in Campbell Police Station on 8th June 1990. Aman Shah was taken in his luxury condominium in Bangsar.

The police said that he performed his operation by transferring the sum of money from Hock Hua Bank's accounts to his bank account after breaking the security code. He was then charged with 4 allegations of cheating sum up to RM4 Million from Hock Hua Bank.

Aman Shah was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years jail. According to an ex-warden of the jail he was confined, he was treated as a special convict as he was assigned to office duty while the others were on other physical duties.

There was a rumor that he was invited to work with commercial crime department in Royal Malaysia Police Force. Nothing found on the google to verify the rumor. His operation was smooth because on 1990's Malaysia still use account book system which is updated manually over the counter. In nowadays technology his operation could never been succeed. Every cent missing can be detected in a blink of eyes.  That is the story of a 1 cent theft.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ancient gold bars found in ex-Japanese war tunnel

gold bar sabahGold bars reported to have been found i a Japanese WW2 war tunnel tunnel in a plantation owned by Sime Darby in Sabah, Malaysia. News spread out in social media including findings of gold bars etched with the word Sumatra , dated on 28.08.1941 and 999.9 However the truth on the news cannot be verified as none of the plantation's worker admitted the findings. Rumors said that all the gold bars had been taken by the workers hence no gold bar found anymore in the tunnel

sabah ex japanese tunnel
The spreading news said that they were working on usual routine at the plantation when suddenly a portion of the plantation collapse and revealed a tunnel which is as big as a 10 tonne lorry can go inside the tunnel.

"I have called the plantation's manager and the villagers around the plantation but it seems no further information known" said Susilo Sumarto , Kunak District Officer.

Superintendant Abdul Rashid Abdullah, Kunak District Police Chief Officer said that a special team has been sent out to the area but they found no gold there.

sabah ex-japanese tunnel

Either the rumors are bluffs or the founders and keepers of the gold bars had sworn not to spread the story but unfortunately they have a whistle blower among them. I bet he or she must be the one with the smallest portion. In Malaysia, the law ruled out that it is illegal to keep anything found from the underground. This add up to no-one-verified-the-news act. Estimated value of a gold bar with 6.2KG is ~RM930,000 ~ USD$223,572 . Pheww. If you found something of that much value, do you hide it or keep it? If it was mine, I shall keep my head down, let the heat cool off then go to a friendly gold smith, divide it into pieces and sell it portion by portion.

Source :
Ohmedia (Malay)
Harian Metro Online (Malay)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Facebook Authorship for Blogspot Blogger. Confirmed working

Hello. As you can see using PC or mobile browser desktop view some people's blog or webpage link share on Facebook is written with author name written in blue link that people can hover to like or follow from the link itself without ever going to the person or page's FB profile.

Most of the links are wordpress based blog. You use blogger platform, you had tried the tutorials written by the others on the web but still the author name is shown either your name or no name or author name with a static text. Are you happy with that? Do you want to know how to change the author name to your FB profile link or FB page link? Read On

how to change author name in FB link shareThis thing is called Facebook Authorship. It was done using Facebook Open Graph. Facebook have it own crawler that find the Open Graph object  and properties and then translates them to human readable form. If the crawler couldn't find any OG propeties, it will use raw meta it could find. The author name will be derived from the blog's author name setting which is derived from the google's account profile

1. First thing first, create a page in FB if you want to be absolute anonymous. You can skip this step if you want to use your personal FB profile
2. Log In to your blogger account
3. Go to your blog name to go to your blog dashboard
4. Click on template, then click on edit HTML
5. Copy these line of texts and paste it in notepad or whatever editor you have

<head prefix='og: fb: article:'>
<meta content='article' property='og:type'/> 
<meta content='[[[[[[ Read this.. Got this ]]]]]]]]]' property='og:title'/>  
<meta content='' property='article:author'/> 
<meta content='' property='fb:profile_id'/>
<meta content='[[[[[[ Read this.. Got this ]]]]]]]]]' property='og:site_name'/>   

Let's see line by line

<head prefix='og: fb: article:'> This line is used as the prefix. Don't do anything, just copy the line

<meta content='article' property='og:type'/> Nothing to be done. just copy the line

<meta content='[[[[[[ Read this.. Got this ]]]]]]]]]' property='og:title'/>  Replace the red font with your page title

<meta content='' property='article:author'/> Replace the red font with your page or personal FB profile link. This is the blue author line

<meta content='' property='fb:profile_id'/>  Replace the red font with your personal or page FB profile link. This is the facebook id of a user that can be followed. This is useful if you use your personal profile.

<meta content='[[[[[[ Read this.. Got this ]]]]]]]]]' property='og:site_name'/>  Replace the red font with your site name. 

6. Copy all the lines with your own values replacing the red fonts.
how to edit HTML blogger for FB authorship
7. Make space right below <head> line (put cursor at the beginning of the next line after <head> and press enter 7 times)
8. Paste the code right below the <head> line
9. Delete the original <head> line
10. Your template HTML will look like the picture on the right
11. Save the template
12. Open a new tab in your browser
13. Go to
14. Enter your blog link address
15. Click on Fetch New Scrape Information

OG crawler
The picture on the left shows basic info FB crawler read you link. It shows the time, date and like, share, comment count
crawler data
 The picture on the right show OG properties FB crawler could read from your page
crawler data
The picture on the left shows how you link share will show up. Notice the author name had changed to blue link. Click on see this in the share dialog link to see the real appearance

share box
The picture on the right shows the final share dialog

For wordpress or other platform, the steps should be the same but this tutorial was done using blogger platform. This is the way to customize Facebook authorship for blogspot blogger. These steps are confirmed working for blogger patform. Don't forget to put this pages's link on your blog/website if this tutorial helps you then leave your link in the comment section. Your link will be inserted in this blog's link list. Happy trying.

P/S : For additional OG properties, refer

Monday, August 17, 2015

CIH chernobyl. A virus that shook the world

Every old timer 'security enthusiasts' that
CIH Chernobyle
lived thru the year 1998-1999 have a sweet memory of a virus named CIH Chernobyl. For me myself, I have a friend of mine claimed to have a burnt motherboard after being infected by the virus. It's seems illogical but after full exposure of the virus and its behavior,  I admitted that my friend wasn't bluffing back then. The virus could infect the most popular o.s during that era,win 9x and it could dig and make way down to the bios chip ROM. In such cases, it can override the thermal proctection on the motherboard and was capable on burning the board. That's why I remember CIH Chernobyl,  is a virus that once shook the world.

60 millions computers have been reported to be infected by the virus and most of the cases are involving system bios damages with commercial damages round up to 1 millions dollar.

The virus was created by a student at Tatung University named Chen Ing Hau to challenge claims made by the proud antivirus developers of antiviral deficiency. Obviously, he won the challenge.

The virus was created on 1998,  first emerged and start spreading in 1999 thru the campus network by Chen fellow classmates. Then he apologized to the university and developed an antivirus together with Weng Shi Hao from Tamkang University.

The virus also known as the 'spacefiller'. It gained the name due to it's infection method to fill in the gaps in computer programs with its own code thus the file Size wouldn't increase avoiding detection by an antivirus (on those day, antivirus was not so popular).

Chen was never faced any lawsuit because no one ever filed a lawsuit against him and there was no crime legislation enforced in Taiwan during that time.Taiwan's computer crime legislation was written in consequence of the virus.

Among the biggest mislooked-overconfidence infection events associated with the virus including Yamaha Cd-r400 infected firmware distribution, a demo version of Activision Sin game and IBM activa shipped with the virus already infected the system.

On 26 April 1999, a dual payload of CIH was delivered with most of the infection happened in Asia. That was the time my friend's motherboard burnt out. CIH fill out the first 1024k of host boot drive with zero rendering the system could not be booted up and then attacked certain BIOS type. Both action impacting the host computer to be unbootable and most serious cases, the motherboard burnt out. Credit to CIH, methods for recovering damaged hard disk was created following this Event.

CIH Chernobyl have every honours to be remembered as a virus that shook the world.

Reference - wikipedia..

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to install Xiaopan into USB Disk

Xiaopan OS is a Tiny Core Linux (TCL) based operating system that can be use to test your network security leaks and weakness. It can be installed as a standalone OS, in USB disk as a live disk or VM. I will cover a tutorial on how to install Xiaopan into USB disk and use it as a live disk.

First of all, learn some basic history and description on Xiaopan OS at Xiaopan official website . Briefly, Xiaopan is built to simplify Linux based network testing programs in GUI and more user friendly.

Now, download bootable Xiaopan OS at sourceforge Xiaopan OS page ( ISO ) file ~70mB.

The ISO file does't have to be extracted to install Xiaopan into USB disk. Just make sure you know where to find the downloaded file.

2. Download Linux Live USB Creator (LiLi) ~5.86mB. Then install the downloaded file. The Live USB or LiLi is a tool to create Live USB version of any Linux distro. 

3. Open LiLi

How to install Xiaopan into USB disk

Choose your USB drive. Hit the refresh button to refresh newly connected drive

Hit on ISO/IMG/ZIP and browse to downloaded xiaopan OS ISO file.

This step originally to manage how much RAM and Disk space to dedicate to the OS. Leave it. The traffice light will show green light meaning there is no problem to install Xiaopan into USB Disk

STEP 4. : Options
Hide created files on key : Tick if you don't like the messy system file
Format the key in FAT32. This will erase your disk . Tick if you only want to use the disk to install Xiaopan into USB disk only
Enable launching LinuxLive in Windows(requires internet to install) . Tick if you want to use the disk in VM 

Click the lightning to start install Xiaopan into USB disk

Wait for the process to finish. Use windows explorer and open the USB disk. Sort the files by date
than find new created files. If any, means Xiaopan Live Disk have been installed, If there is no new file, Repeat the process an remember to RUN AS ADMIN and allow the program on UAC prompt.

Now restart your computer, insert the USB disk and select USB in boot disk selection (F2) for most BIOS. Or goto BIOS setup and select Boot disk priority to USB Disk as the highest priority.

Then ..

VOILA Xiaopan OS will start running

I won't tell what Xiaopan OS can really do. Explore it yourself . try to use the feeding bottle and mindwepgtk. It is self explanatory. What I can tell you is , it is simple yet powerful. You will be amazed on what it can do. 


I will not hold any responsibility on those usage of this tutorial to penetrate into any network or to crack any WIFI. Please use it to test your own WIFI security. I am not responsible for any damages done to your PC or Laptop in using this tutotial. This tutorial only intends to share my knowledge on how to install Xiaopan into USB disk and make USB bootable disk

Currently compatible WIFI adapter : Check here . Most Atheros adapter are compatible . You can also try and error after you install Xiaopan into USB Disk. 

After succeed with Xiaopan, to avoid suspicion, use only one pc or laptop to connect and then share the connection using hosted network. See it here